Trail Riding in New Mexico’s mountains, Rio Grande Valley and grassy open plains.

Come ride with us in the cool mountains of New Mexico .Weither it be the Sandia Mountains outside of Albuquerque or the mountains and high mountain meadows of the Valles Caldera near the town of Jemez you will enjoy the cool breezes on a hot and sunny day of the beautiful New Mexico summers. Maybe a ride in the fall along the Rio Grande River in the fall when the cottonwood trees are ablaze in a fall color of golden yellow brillance. You might like to try ia ride in Lorenzo canyon which is lined with sand stone walls and sandy arroyos. New Mexico has so many varing types of terrian for you to enjoy while riding you smooth gaited Paso Fino or singlefooting horse.

Liz and Leigh of Enchanted Gaits Farm Leigh and Liz Manningriding singlefooters “Rip” and “Chase” along the Rio Grande River in the winter. This ride provides a beautiful view of the Sandia Mountains off at a distance and offers sightings of Canadian Geese, Sandhill Cranes, numerous other types of waterfowl as well as the occasional coyote and porcupines. The trail along the river are mostly hard packed sand which provides very nice gaiting conditions.
Liz and clients on a ride in the Sandia Mountains east of Albuquerque, at 10.000 ft above sea level. Warm days and cool nights are common at this time of year which in this picture is early fall with daytime temps in the mid 70’s to mid 80’s.The sky is brillant blue and beautifully clear which makes seeing the mountains of Santa Fe 60 miles to the north easy to see and breathtaking beautiful. The low humidity levels make the ride comfortable for both horses and riders. There are also rides lower on the mountain for those who might like the lower levels and a different type ride.  Liz and clients on a ride in the Sandia Mountains east of Albuquerque
 San Lorenzo Canyon  A different type ride can be ridden in San Lorenzo Canyon, an hour south of Albuquerque.Ride through sandstone canyons and sandy arroyos lined with grass and some cottonwood trees which are common along the Rio Grande River as well as many arroyos in New Mexico.You may see antelope, coyotes,jackrabbits as well as roadrunners which are the state bird.Best time of year to ride the canyons are spring ,fall or winter to avoid hot tempuratures and flash flooding that the summer monsoon season brings.
 Maybe a nice fall ride in 4th of July Canyon south of Albuquerque to enjoy one of the few places in New Mexico with maple trees that turn brillant red , orange and gold which rivals even the splender of the aspen trees when they turn bright yellow and gold.At the top of the mountain look east or west as far as your eyes can see, which is usually at least 60 miles.  4th of July Canyon south of Albuquerque