Ohio Visitors Loved Their Ride!

Riding with Liz and Leigh is truly a one-of-a-kind experience. Before arriving in NM I had no idea what to expect, but as soon as I met them, heard about their training methods and saw their horses, I knew that I was in good hands. The horses are very healthy and well-cared-for.

They are in incredible physical shape and easily tolerate long trail rides. Moreover, I have never ridden horses that are so incredibly well-trained; sit on your pockets, put your hand forward and they gait, lean back and they halt. Never did I feel that any of the horses that I rode would take advantage of me or be unsafe. I felt completely safe and secure for the entire 35 miles that we rode in three days along the Rio Grande and in the mountains. The trails along the river that they took us to were picturesque, wide, safe and well-groomed. The mountain trails were breathtaking..

Liz and Leigh are extraordinary instructors. They explained everything I needed to know efficiently and effectively; it was a great learning experience and I plan to apply many things I learned with them to my own horse. I can’t wait to go back!

Janice M. Aski –

Associate Professor and Director of the Italian Language Program – The Ohio State University

Amazing Grace Amazes!

I had the privilege of being invited to ride with Leigh and Liz Manning and nine other horse enthusiasts in the Sandia mountains. The horse I rode was aptly named Amazing Grace, one of many gaited horses trained by the Mannings.
I thought I was a good rider – been riding since I was a little girl. However, soon after we started out on the trail, I realized that I had a lot to learn to take advantage of the many gaits this horse was wanting to show me.

Amazing Grace is a Paso Fino – a smaller breed of horse that I had never encountered before. Like all the Mannings’ horses, she is so well trained and such a good athlete that enjoying the ride is really all there is to do.
Anyone who wants to ride a horse but is afraid of falling off should try riding one of the Manning horses. Within 10 minutes, a novice should feel right at home on these horses. Very slight pressure and a change in posture is all that is needed to have the best ride of your life and the Mannings wil take excellent care of you.
Grace and the rest of the horses are a joy to ride (absolutely no bounce) and all of them have stamina, good balance and they are level headed. By the way, the other people on the ride weren’t bad either. Lots of fun.

Melinna Giannini

CEO ABC Coding Solutions


Many thanks to Leigh and Liz for working with my Rocky Mountains and getting them to gait instead of pace.

They are both so knowledgeable when it comes to gaited horses. They had my horses doing things I never dreamed they would do. I love to sit and observe as they work with the horses and watch as the changes take place. Its amazing!!! Riding with them on the trail is great because they point out what I am doing wrong or how I can do it better. I love to be around them as they have the kind of information that I am seeking. All that I know today about these wonderful gaited horses I owe to my friends, Leigh and Liz.
I just purchased a new Paso Fino filly who is only green broke.

Of course I know the horse will be well trained as soon as Leigh and Liz work with her. I wouldn’t dream of getting a horse and not having Leigh and Liz work them first. In fact Leigh is the one who found Isabella (The Paso Fino) for me. He was familiar with the bloodlines so I bought her sight unseen just from his recommendation. That’s how highly I regard their opinion and knowledge of these breeds. She came all the way from New York and the first time Leigh worked with her he was right, she is very smart. Thank you again Leigh and Liz for your infinite wisdom of the gaited horse breed.

Linda Linfoot



Well, it’s been two weeks to the day since my first lesson and trail ride with Liz and Leigh and I am just now coming down from being on Cloud 9! Was it all just an incredibly beautiful dream? NO! It actually happened! My mount was a gorgeous cream colored horse with blue eyes named Amazing Grace. But, that is not where the “amazing’ ends. Liz and Leigh are amazing people who upon meeting them you feel totally comfortable with and become instant friends.

I love horses and always have since I was a little girl and had not ridden for at least 10 years or more, nor had I ever ridden a gaited horse. Both Liz and Leigh spent a lot of time teaching me the correct way to ride a gaited horse. They were so patient, positive and fun! We rode in the beautiful Sandia Mountains for four of the most wonderful and memorable hours of my life with amazing horses and friends. (Can’t stop saying amazing). Amazing Grace and I were in good company with Liz (and Rip), Leigh (and OD ‘Over Drive’), and special friends Linda Carpenter (and Casanova), and Ron (and Uno Huevo, now called Nada).

Half way through our ride we stopped and tied our horses to the hitching post and had a yummy lunch and beverages at Ribs Restaurant. Thoughts and phrases that keep coming back to me are: relax, mane/rein, sit back, heels forward, relax, good job, “oh, listen to the birds”, “there’s a chicken”, relax, and rein the horses inward toward an upcoming obstacle to avoid hitting it with your body. (Learned that the hard way).

Oh, and one more thing of great importance I learned is that a Colorondo Bulldog is made with root beer rather than coke. Yum!

I highly recommend this experience to all horse lovers young and old (I am sixty years young) with wonderful, amazing horses and friends. They ride everywhere ~ mountains, Bosque, and even out of state excursions! I’ve heard that those are a blast! The horses that Liz and Leigh have are all personally trained by them from day one. They are the most gentle, well-behaved and trained, and might I add, beautiful horses that you can imagine!

You can take my word for it, but better yet I strongly encourage you to experience this for yourself. I promise you, it will be the time of your life!!

Thank you Liz and Leigh. Can’t wait to come back soon and be a regular!

Marcia Ronan Padilla