Our Trail Horses

We have some of the finest largo type paso fino horses for you riding comfort and for those who have a need for speed some of the finest singlefooting horses to ride.  We also occasionally have gaited horses for sale.

 Trail Riding Singlefooting Horses and Largo Paso Horses:

 Hussy,a 15.0 hand, dark buckskin singlefooting  “Hussy”,a 15.0 hand, dark buckskin singlefooting,4 yr old filly out of “Rowdy” bloodlines.Sweet, easy going mare with a nice 4 beat gait and some good speed. Rip a singlefooting.15.2 hand gelding from Big Mac “Rip” a singlefooting.15.2 hand gelding from Big Mac of the “Rowdy” line horses.Nice smooth lick,fast, and  very gentle.
 Amazing Grace,a 14.1 hand cremello mare  “Amazing Grace”,a 14.1 hand cremello mare, part paso fino and part foxtrotter.Super smooth  and speed up to18mph. From largo paso bloodlines. Used for training new riders.  LadyHawke a Rocket mare  “LadyHawke” a Rocket mare  at 15.0 hands is a smooth, fast and beautiful ride.A nice 4 beat lick to take you down the trail.
 UnDeseo a 14.2 hand purebred Largo Paso Fino  “UnDeseo” a 14.2 hand purebred Largo  Paso Fino who can really largo and is very smooth.A half brother to Grace he is spirited and fun to ride.