About Enchanted Gaits Farm

Enchanted Gaits Farm is family-owned and operated right here in Tijeras, NM. Since our company opened in 2006, we’ve treated every customer like they were a part of our family. We will give each customer individualized  attention and personal  lessons on riding a gaited horse.After your first lesson in most cases you will be enjoying the feel of a smooth gaited paso fino or singlefooting horse at the walk, four beat gait or the canter. Your ride may be in open space outside of our farm or you may elect to go to the Rio Grande River and see geese, ducks or sandhill cranes.Maybe a ride at 10,000 ft in the Sandia Mountains may be more to your liking,especially on those hot summer days the cool of the mountains are much appreciated.

Liz Manning of Enchanted Gaits FarmLiz Manning ,owner, trainer and operator of Enchanted gaits farm has been riding horses since  2000 when her husband Leigh bought her her first horse, a retired thoroughbred for a wedding gift. Since then Liz has ridden manny different breeds of horses such as, thoroughbreds, quarter horses, spanish barbs, peruvian pasos, paso finos, singlefooting horses. Her favorite of course are the smooth gaited horse breeds. Liz is a accomplished ballroom dance instructor as well, having instructed dancers and students for over thirty years. Yes she and her husband Leigh go dancing as well as ride horses together. With these qualifications she makes a very good trainer of people and does most of the training  riders and those who want to ride.Liz has trained most all of her present horses from the time they were foals to being rideable horses, including the one in her  bio-photo.

Leigh Manning, Owner, trainer and operator of Enchanted  Gaits Farm along with his wife Liz has also been riding horses for 12 Leigh Manning of Enchanted Gaits Farmyears.A retired air traffic controller, he decided to do something outside ,instead of inside a building and something he enjoyed. His wife and he started Enchanted Gaits Farm trail riding business to promote gaited horse trail rides and to promote the largo type Paso Fino horses and Singlefooting horses. Not only do they trail ride but they both train and occasionally sell a horse.